Gemtech Sandstorm Suppressor 2015

I’ve used many suppressors over the years, and weight can be real a factor. Adding a couple pounds to the end of your barrel is bound to change something. The same is true for quick attachments.

For consistency, a simple thread-on suppressor is often the best choice, especially when it comes to precision rifles and SBRs. Shortening your rifle for entry duty is counter-productive if you make it heavier than when you started. The solution has always been the use of lightweight materials like titanium, and Gemtech has one of the best sounds suppressor designs available today.


Thanks to its titanium construction. Gemtech’s Sandstorm weighs in at a mere 13.3 ounces. Rated for 7.62mm NATO ammunition or smaller, it is also suitable for use with the 300 Blackout. I’ve tested the Sandstorm on numerous precision rifles; it’s very effective at reducing the sound signature, produces a minimal shift in impact and is about as simple and strong as it gets. Testing the Seekins Precision SPROV3 in 300 Blackout provided an opportunity to put it through its paces with this ever-popular caliber.

Fitting nicely under the handguard, the Sandstorm adds very little weight, maintaining the balance expected of a short entry carbine. Sound suppression with the subsonic ammunition was excellent, and it was better then most with supersonic loads. The Sandstorm did not come loose after firing hundreds of rounds, and the titanium dissipated the heat quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for a truly versatile suppressor, the Sandstorm may be just the ticket.

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