Gemtech has designed a drop-in solution for suppressed rifles that otherwise lack the ability to quickly tune their gas to switch between suppressed and unsuppressed fire.

The Suppressed Bolt Carrier is a drop-in replacement available for 5.56mm or 7.62mm AR-pattern rifles that Gemtech’s tests have shown slows the rearward velocity of the bolt carrier group during suppressed fire, which helps reduce the gas discharge from the ejection port, reduces wear and tear on your firearm, and even slows the cyclic rate of suppressed full-auto firearms back down to their unsuppressed rate (which greatly enhances controllability while extending service life).

The Suppressed Bolt Carrier also serves firearms when not wearing Gemtech suppressors by offering an “unsuppressed mode” that does not slow the carrier’s velocity, ensuring proper function in each mode.

The user-selected adjustment is made on the left side of the bolt carrier, and can be done with a simple screwdriver or thin coin. Reinstall the bolt carrier assembly and you’re ready to go. A mode indicator on the bolt carrier is visible through the open ejection port for easy verification.

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