The Tundra is Gemtech‘s lightweight, high performing sound and flash suppressor fitting most 9mm combat handguns.

Introduced recently, it has already seen use and been purchased by the U.S. Army and other government agencies.

It features a built-in recoil device to allow flawless cycling on even hard-to-cycle handguns like the Glock 26.  It is a perfect fit for Glock 19, SIG 226/M11, and the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm among others.   The recoil device, known as an “L.I.D.” or “Linear Inertial Decoupler” essentially has the suppressor attached to the barrel using standard thread mounting, but upon firing, the suppressor is allowed to free float and be detached from the inertia of the firearm’s firing sequence.  If you think of the Browning-type action as a seesaw, the firing sequence has the “seesaw” (barrel) tip up to accept the next round as the slide travels backwards.  The “fat kid” (suppressor) on the end of the seesaw would normally prevent the barrel from tipping up and accepting the next round.  The L.I.D. solves this by allowing the barrel and slide to travel normally as the suppressor decouples itself from the firing sequence for microseconds, free floating forward before returning to its state of rest.

The Tundra is available in a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Tan hardcoat anodized finish for a low-profile color, matching FDE tan firearms.  It is also available in standard black hardcoat anodize finish.  Both have a YAG-laser engraved data area for clear identification.  The distinctive machined Gemtech grip pattern is both low-profile as well as slip-resistant for firm tightening and removal, even wearing gloves or in wet weather.

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