GG&G’s new Spring Actuated Flip Up Front Sight For Tactical Forearms has been redesigned to be lighter in weight and quicker in deployment.  Although specifically designed to provide the correct sight height when mounted on a tactical forearm, the sight can also be installed on gas blocks that are the same height as the upper receiver. During the redesign process, GG&G developed a less expensive method to CNC machine the components which allows for a reduced MSPR while remaining built to quality standards here in the US.

With just a push of a button, the front flip up sight can be quickly deployed on target.  The sight not only springs into an on target position, but solidly locks into the deployed position, preventing accidental depression of the sight during a tactical situation.

Another push of the button and the sight is free to be folded into the locked down position.  The sight actuator button has been located on the left side of the sight, facilitating easy operation with the off hand, leaving your fire control hand in the proper tactical position—near the trigger.

Not only is the sight set for use on the AR-15, but will co-witness when mounted to the tactical forearm of an AR-10.  The sight stem has been designed to fold rearward.  The dovetail interface can be easily installed with the included wrench.

As an option, a Trijicon Tritium AR-15 Front Sight Post can be ordered with the sight for increased accuracy in low light operations.  This tritium front sight option is the perfect addition for police and tactical users who may be moving in and out of darkness in real time.
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