Gi-6v-360 Laser Gauging
Gi-6v-360 Laser Gauging

The first Gi-6v to inspect a variety of both pistol and rifle cases has been delivered. All calibers run on the same machine due to its interchangeable feeder plates and quick to recall template software. The Gi-6v is
equipped with 8 laser beams and 12 vision systems, which can capture more than 360o around the part
(both dimensions and visual defects). The 12 vision systems consist of Primer Vision for pocket diameter
and head stamp verification, Mouth vision for deformed mouths, wall thickness, and splits.

Case vision consists of eight of the 12 vision systems for perforations and splits, discoloration, dents,
draw scratch, acid burns, corrosion, wrinkle, bulge, or scaly metal, per MIL-STD-636.

The Laser Gauging aspect of the Gi-6v consists of eight laser beams checking dimensional values of the
part, such as: length to shoulder, neck diameter, overall length, head diameter, full form, etc… The final
and perhaps most unique is the 3D Primer Depth Vision System which captures primer pocket depth and
anvil height. Even with all stations and the multitude of inspections, the Gi-6v is able to inspect 300 parts
per minute.

The Gi-6v currently inspects 100% of the case production. Defects detected plus the data provided by
the Gi-6v are used to improve the case making process. The results are: reduction in variation, improved
profitability and delivery of zero defects.

The LaserLab delivered to this munitions factory is another Instrument of Lean Manufacturing, it is a
first piece inspection system to ensure you are consistently producing high quality products. Placing the
LaserLab after each step of the manufacturing process allows for quick and accurate FAIRs (First Article
Inspection Reports). The part is measured in the LaserLab and when the features are not centered
between the upper and lower specifications, the LaserLab will provide data to the operator to adjust the
machine. Getting the set up right the first time has a multitude of benefits: centered distribution,
improved profitability, elimination of scrap, longer tool life and delivery of zero defects.

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