Belt Clip Holster Glock 42

The Glock 42’s popularity is no secret. So accessories for the firearm and quite extensive.

For those who require low-key, discreet carry of their backup gun, the IWB CCW Belt Clip Holster for the Glock 42 from I Love My Glock delivers just that for this capable .380 backup gun.

Featuring stainless steel construction with a durable black coating, the belt clip is designed to provide users with a stable carry platform without requiring a holster or belt. Installation tools and instructions are included.

The IWB CCW Belt Clip Holster retails for $22.99 and is available now.

For more information on the IWB CCW Belt Clip Holster and other products from I Love My Glock, please visit

This product was featured in the September 2014 issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT.

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