GlockStore Double Diamond Glock 43 Magazine Extensions G43

The single-stack Glock 43 handgun has been one of the most talked about firearms so far in 2015, with new accessories coming out each week.

GlockStore has announced its new Double Diamond brand of magazine extensions for the G43.

GlockStore said in a release, “For all of the advantages of this remarkable weapon, for many owners there are a couple of disadvantages. These being low magazine count and a less than perfect grip.”

The company’s new Double Diamond G43 Magazine Extension solves both of those problems.

Depending on the model, it adds either one or two rounds to the existing six-round magazine. It also provides just the right amount of extension to offer a “full hand” grip on the gun.

For those who just want the extension, without the extra round(s), it also comes in a +0 configuration.

Available in both black and silver, all versions are made from aircraft grade, billet aluminum in GlockStore’s in-house custom machine shop in San Diego, Calif.

For more information on the Double Diamond G43 magazine extensions and other products from Glockstore, please visit

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