Gorilla Ammunition is introducing a new Subsonic cartridge in .300 BLK with a 208gr Hornady A-MAX bullet. Featuring reliable accuracy and an effective bullet expansion, this round is perfect for a few different applications, including close range hunting and practice on the range. It is quieter than standard velocity ammunition.

Gorilla ammo recommends that the shooter use this subsonic cartridge with a suppressor. “The reduced pressures associated with subsonic ammunition can affect the proper cycling of gas operated firearms,” their website states. “Subsonic ammunition is best used with a suppressor. Suppressors create more back pressure and help achieve full cycling of the gas operated system.”

The manufacturer suggested retail price for the .300 BLK Subsonic cartridge featuring the 208gr Hornady A-MAX bullet is $30.99. Gorilla is offering free shipping with purchases of 10 or more.

Soldier Systems is offering ballistic data of the new cartridge, which can be seen below. The data was measured in a Gorilla Ammunition lab using a Daniel Defense DDM5v5 chambered for 300 BLK with a 16-inch barrel and AAC SDN-6 suppressor. The velocity was measured using System 85 Ballistic Instrumentation from Oehler Research.

Ammo Description

-Part Number: GA300208AMXSUB
-Description: .300BLK Subsonic 208gr Hornady A-MAX
-Cartridge: .300 Blackout AAC
-Bullet: 208gr Hornady A-MAX

Velocity (fps)

-MUZ: 1030
-100yd: 995
-200yd: 964
-300yd: 937

Energy (ft/lbs)

-MUZ: 489
-100yd: 457
-200yd: 429
-300yd: 406

Trajectory Tables (inches)

-MUZ: +1.5
-100yd: 0
-200yd: -33.6
-300yd: -104.5

Gorilla Ammunition is a Florida-based company which manufactures high quality ammunition for a number of different shooting objectives. They sell ammo in .223, .300 Blackout, and .308. For more information about the .300BLK Subsonic 208gr Hornady A-MAX and other products offered by Gorilla Ammunition, please visit

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