The Remington 870 has long been the shotgun of choice for thousands of law enforcement officers and those using it for home defense across the country. The inherent reliability of the Remington pump action is unprecedented. The reliability and quality of the factory and most aftermarket accessories has unfortunately not followed suit. Poor quality of material and workmanship in the available accessories has led to the development of high quality Sighting Systems from Grizzly Custom. Careful attention to detail and the best materials possible has provided the most innovative Sighting Systems available for the Remington 870.

Grizzly Custom Guns has taken the venerable LPA rear sight to the next level. The user has a choice between an innovative “Rear Sight Block” or a unique MilStd 1913 Full Length One Piece Rail. With the Rear Sight Block, the user also has a choice to install a MilStd 1913 Rail forward of the block. Either way, the accomplishment of locating the LPA rear sight exactly where it belongs is exclusive to Grizzly Custom Guns. “Where should the sight be?” you may ask.

sightCloser to the shooters eye. Moving the sight rearward significantly increases the target acquisition speed and provides a longer sight radius, therefore making it possible to place shots on target much more accurately and much more quickly. In addition to locating the rear sight further rearward, either rail system provides more rail space on top of the receiver than other rail systems currently available. This allows more versatility and tailoring of the position of any optical sight available today. But we didn’t stop there. We also designed a unique Front Sight to work in concert with the specialized rear sight. The front sight is silver soldered to the barrel and the user has a choice of fiber optic tubes, a tritium insert, 24k gold line or plain black. No other 870 sighting system available is as fast and accurate as the sighting system available from Grizzly Custom Guns. Ultimate Reliability Made Possible By Extreme Quality.

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The Remington 870 has long been the shotgun of choice for thousands of law…