A quick look at the Grizzly Custom’s Web site clearly demonstrates Bonitz can install rails on a number of guns. These happened to be on two Remington 870 shotguns. The shotguns are examples of his 1* and Home Defense Package. The rails are 6 and 8 inches long
respectively with LPA sighting systems to match.

With the 6-inch rail on the 1* Package, the sight is permanently attached behind the rail. This keeps the sight height at a level most would be accustomed to. The Home Defense has an optional full-length Picatinny flat rail that runs the length of the receiver. It has a removable LPA sight that can be mounted along the rail. This places the sight a bit higher. The front sights are differing heights in order to accommodate the variance.

The machining on these rails is excellent and everything was level and very well done. They are incredibly stout as they are attached to the receiver by seven screws on the 6-inch rail and eight on the 8-inch rail. They are nicely sculpted to fit the receivers flush, and are rounded nicely at the back
so as not to interfere with your cheek weld.

With the 6-inch rail, a “mounting block” is added to the rear to have it match up with the rail. It is an integral part of the 6-inch rail. Both of these guns were sporting the Mesa Tactical shell holders and these rails did not interfere at all.

You can run any sighting system you prefer on these rails and they should all fit and function perfectly. Just under 500 rounds of various types of ammunition (full load and practice) were fired through these guns in about a four-hour period. Upon completion nothing had come loose.This speaks to the workmanship and ruggedness of the rails.

Go For The Rails
The rails made and installed by Lew Bonitz of Grizzly Custom Guns are some of the finest examples I have seen.You can have the complete system including the LPA sight, Picatinny rail, mounting block, silver soldered front sight and refinish of your barrel for $585. As a Custom Gun Shop they will do whatever you would like and judging from the workmanship on these rails, it will be top notch.

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A quick look at the Grizzly Custom’s Web site clearly demonstrates Bonitz can install…