The Grizzly Targets IPSC Torso 2-In-1 Combo Package is one of the great systems on the market right now.

The target plate is based on the IPSC standard dimension without the D zone. The 100% galvanized finish of the entire system will allow you to leave the set outdoors
indefinitely without becoming rusty and corroded.

A galvanized swinging mechanism attaches the faceplate to the bracket. The faceplate sits at 25 degrees back, and when hit, swings further back to both deflect bullet splatter downwards and absorb impact. You will get a nice line of bullet splatter in the ground in front of this. This system minimizes ricochet to the maximum.

For portability purposes, simply break this down and carry away. We made this very easy to break down for those who are on the go.

By doubling as a paper/cardboard stand, this system has added benefits that others dont. If the main target and 2*4 are removed, you can then insert (2) 2*4’s into the two outside slots of the base, and its now a perfect paper/cardboard target stand. Simply staple up your paper and carbboard targets and go!!

This is a very heavy duty system, weighing in at 50lbs. We built our targets to be the toughest and most innovative targets on the market. Our 100% money back guarantee is our way of proving this.

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The Grizzly Targets IPSC Torso 2-In-1 Combo Package is one of the great systems…