Gunbusters is introducing its new Firearms Pulverizer system developed specifically for law enforcement agencies. Using this unique product, agencies can destroy confiscated and surrendered firearms, as well as other items of evidence such as computer hard drives, license plates, knives and more. Watch the video below to see the pulverizer in action.

According to the press release, there are three crucial components to this brand new system: the pulverizer itself, dual cameras and a computer program which creates a permanent record (date and time stamp) of the destruction of each firearm. The database is searchable by entering in the serial or agency evidence number.

The Firearms Pulverizer system may be installed in the law enforcement agency it has been designated for. It can also be installed in a vehicle to enable remote destruction for smaller agencies. It has an overall weight of 7,200 pounds and measures 4′ x 10″. This system is powered by two-25 HP electric motors and uses 230 or 480 V electrical services. The powerful motors on this device generate more than 18,000 pounds of pressure. Any firearm put into the pulverizer will be cut into small pieces.

The large number of surrendered and confiscated firearms collected by law enforcement agencies means more storage space and additional processing and security requirements, all of which negatively affect the agency’s budget. The Firearms Pulverizer by Gunbusters is a solution to this problem.

Features: Gunbusters Firearms Pulverizer

  • Provides safe, simple, & secure method to destroy firearms
  • Reduces agency administration costs
  • Alleviates overcrowded property rooms
  • Permanent video & computer records

For more information about the Gunbusters Firearms Pulverizer System for law enforcement agencies, please visit

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