The new armored Pelican gun case by GunCruzer assures safe passage for rifles even under extreme conditions including intense heat or cold, penetrating humidity, excessive turbulence, and rust.

The watertight GunCruzer gun case, made specifically for Remington 700 Series scoped rifles, is perfect for any tactical mission. This indestructible carrying case always comes home in one piece – no handles torn off or latches bashed or feet mangled. When the operator is ready for action, so is his firearm.

GunCruzer was conceived as another rough and tumble product by CaseCruzer. This exceptional Pelican case is nearly impossible to break, but its interior is a soft, sturdy cushion: The custom closed cell Polyethylene foam padding and convoluted foam egg-crate lid guarantee a snug fit for all Remington 700 S rifles. A hazardous mission will do no harm. Neither will a careless baggage handler at the airport or bus depot.

The wheeled GunCruzer is 38.12 inches long, 17.81-inches wide and 6.12-inches high. With fold-down handles it can easily squeeze into a tightly packed vehicle and is guaranteed to survive any kind of nasty a tough terrain can deliver. If it doesn’t, CaseCruzer will replace it –- for life.

GunCruzer can swim, too. The gun case is watertight and buoyant up to 137 lbs., which makes it the ideal carrying case in any mission, any conditions.

Storage in a dust-proof GunCruzer means a Remington 700 Series scoped rifle will resist rust and function properly – assuming maintenance and service are on schedule. It includes standard and reliable Pelican case features, such as automatic purge valve with Gore-Tex® membrane and easy-to-open double-throw latches. GunCruzer. It’s built to survive.

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The new armored Pelican gun case by GunCruzer assures safe passage for rifles even…