Guntec has released its all new .308 Caliber Caliber KeyMod Handguards in both 12- and 15-inch versions.

The ultra lightweight handguards are made with a T6 Aluminum body.

A proprietary steel barrel nut is included, bringing the total weight up to just 14.8 ounces.

The rail system slides over the barrel nut and is locked up against the receiver with six screws. The tight fit up against the receiver allows for a monolithic top rail.

The handguards have an internal diameter of 1.48 inches.

Other features include:

  • DPMS Low Profile Spec
  • KeyMod System

The 12-inch handguard retails for $129.99, while the 15-inch model retails for $149.99.

For more information on the .308 caliber KeyMod Free Floating Handguard and other products from Guntec, please visit

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