Guntec 15-Inch Free Floating Handguard Red

Arizona-based Guntec USA has been reinventing the firearms market since 1989. The company loves to reinvent their own products as well, which is why it recently released its 15-inch Free Floating Handguard with a Monolithic Top Rail in red.

The new handguard is ultra lightweight, made with a T6 Aluminum body. How lightweight? Just 10.8 ounces including the barrel nut. The internal diameter measures 1.34 inches.

How does it work? The rail system slides over barrel nut and is locked up against the receiver with six screws. The tight fit against the receiver allows for a monolithic top rail.

The red anodized finish ties the entire package together.

A proprietary lightweight aluminum barrel nut is included.

The 15-inch Guntec Free Floating Handguard retails for $129.95 and is available now.

For more information on the Free Floating Handguard and other products from Guntec, please visit

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