Guntec Key Mod Free Floating Handguard np

Since 1989 GuntecUSA has been providing both the professional and average shooter quality products to improve their shooting.

Now comes the manufacturer’s AR-15-ready, 9-inch ultra lightweight thin key mod free floating handguard with a monolithic top rail.

The all new handguard features a T6 Aluminum body.

Guntec’s free floating handguard includes a proprietary steel barrel nut. The rail system slides over the barrel nut and locks up against the receiver with just six screws.

As previously mentioned, the handguard is ultra lightweight, with a final weight of just 9 ounces with the steel barrel nut. The tight fit up against the receiver allows for a monolithic top rail.

The 9-inch handguard retails for $89.95 and is available now. Guntec has stated that other lengths will soon be available.

For more information on the 9-inch ultra lightweight thin key mod free floating handguard, please visit

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