Haley Strategic Partners, a Colorado-based company which manufactures tactical gear and accessories, is introducing their D3CR Expansion System, or D3X, new for 2014. This new system takes the Disruptive Environments Chest Rig and adds three separate components, thereby expanding the capability of the end user without sacrificing the low profile footprint of the D3CR.

The three new additions to the D3CR are: the Holster Wedge, the Double Magazine Wedge, and the Multi-Mission Hanger. The Holster Wedge provides an envelope for the end user to insert a holster which rests centerline between the rig and the body/armor. It comes with a loop on the outside and a hook on the inside. Manufacturer suggested retail price for this component is $29.00. The Double Magazine Wedge is a carrier which attaches directly onto the back panel of the D3CR using velcro, thereby giving the user two additional M4 magazines in the centerline. MSRP is $35.00. The Multi-Mission Hanger, meanwhile, is a drop-down pouch which can store a number of different tools and accessories. It is lined with a loop interior. MSRP is $45.00. Each component of the D3CR Expansion System (D3X) is available in Black and Coyote. The Multi-Mission Hangar can also be purchased in MultiCam.

According to Soldier Systems, each component can be used individually or combined into Holster/Hanger or Double Mag/Hanger combination. In addition, each will work as a standalone rig, and may also be clipped into a plate carrier by using the Velocity Systems Swift Clip Attachment System.

Haley Strategic Partners, based in Colorado, manufactures tactical gear and accessories. The company also offers hands-on live fire training, high-level product stress testing and development, and experiential marketing and PR. For more information about the D3CR Expansion System (D3X) and other products offered by Haley Strategic Partners, please visit

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