Inforce WML-HSP lead
The Inforce WML-HSP

My recent trip to Haley Strategic Partners  (HSP) was an opportunity to see the company’s Inforce WML-HSP weapon-mounted light. Mounted to a Haley BCM Jack carbine, the light looked sleek, simple and perfectly situated for modern carbine shooting stances.

After spending the day with Travis Haley, the CEO of HSP, one of the Inforce lights made it into my gear for the trip back—and some testing. Back at the office, I placed the Inforce WML-HSP on several of my rifles. Mounted in front of the sight on my ARs, it was perfectly situated for easy operation. Using an 11 o’clock rail, it fit well on my M1A Scout and AK rifles. Working it on some test rifles and at the range, the light was simple, lightweight and easy to operate.

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A trip to an AK-47 class gave me a chance to put the Inforce to work at night. Hits at 100 yards, even with iron sights, became regular. Paired with my Aimpoint Micro T-1, hits at 150 yards were possible. And at CQB ranges, the Inforce was excellent. The light’s simple momentary operation provided complete control. (To prevent unintended activation, just flip up the block at the rear.) The mount snaps onto any rail with ease and locks in place.

The Haley Inforce WML-HSP has been upgraded to 200 lumens of light, making it well suited to any tactical carbine. If you are in need of a simple, lightweight and incredibly strong light, the Inforce may be just the ticket.

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