Handl Defense has entered new territory with one of its newest products.

The Handl Defense handguard is made of aircraft grade carbon fiber and, according to the company, is the first Magpul M-Lok compatible carbon fiber handguard available on the market.

The handguard is designed for the SCAR 16 and SCAR 17 and is a real game changer.

Unlike carbon fiber products the industry has seen in the past what makes this unique is the proprietary resin used. The resin has been tested up to 1,000 degrees without any degradation to the carbon fiber or the resin, in a controlled environment and had been machine gun tested to temps up to 800 degrees. That’s well beyond what any user will experience even in a combat environment and in most cases the firearm would fail well before the handguard would.

Another seen benefit is that because is carbon fiber is its weight, this is the lightest option for the SCAR platform out there and its an actual handguard, not an extension. It’s as strong as steel at a third of the weight over the leading competition.

Competitive and high volume shooters will quickly notice that because the handguard is not metal, it will stay cooler for a longer period of time and dissipate heat much faster than other products on the market.

The handguards will be sold in black (uncoated carbon fiber) and in FDE (in a proprietary coating formulated for maximum adhesion and heat resistance with carbon fiber). It will also be sold in three different lengths:

  • Short – extends just up to the folded front sight post and has a OAL of 10 inches
  • Standard – extends 2 inches beyond the folded front sight post, has an OAL of 12.5 inches and includes a segment of 2-inch Picatinny rail at the 12 o’clock position
  • Long- extends 4 inches beyond the folded front sight post, has a OAL of 14.5 inches and also includes the Picatinny rail segment at the 12 o’clock position.

The long rail requires the removal of the front sight post an will create a seamless transition in Picatinny rail to the upper receiver.

All three rail lengths will also have two included optional 6 o’clock segments that will cover the entire rail’s length and all the included rails will have a skeletonized feature to them to help aid in drainage for maritime operations or inclement weather.

The Handl Defense handguard is MK. 17 CAR-H 2011 spec sheet compliant and is also FNH EGLM compatible (FN’s 40mm launcher).

For more information on the new handguards and other products from Handl Defense, please visit

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