Handl Defense SCAR25m lead
The SCAR25m from Handl Defense.

The MK17 and MK20 platforms just got a big upgrade from Handl Defense with its all new SCAR25m lower receiver.

The SCAR25m is the result of more than three years of development for the MK17 and MK20 enhancement program.

Made from billet AZ-31 Magnesium, the SCAR25m series is a completely reengineered lower receiver.

Handl Defense has designed the magazine-well on the SCAR25m to be compatible with the readily available and combat proven SR-25 and M110 pattern magazines, including the widely used .308 Magpul LR-20 PMAG.

Handl Defense also redesigned the grip tang to accept M16/M4 compatible grips such as the Magpul MOE + and ERGO grips.

Additionally, Handl Defense re-contoured the arch above the grip to accommodate gloved and smaller hands, allowing easier access to the fire controls.

In addition, the SCAR25m does all this with a 33 percent weight savings and 40 percent less heat transfer, while maintaining structural integrity.

The has been internally tested to standards for the Mk.17/ Mk.20 CAR-H program. The Handl Defense SCAR25m has been tested, evaluated and utilized from Afghanistan to Africa, as it was designed with and for members of Special Operations Command.

Other features include:

  • Compatible with most AR-15 pistol grips
  • Magazine:  SR-25, M110, MAGPUL .308 PMAG, ASC, POF, DPMS Magazines, XS Drums (early generations), etc.

The SCAR25m retails for $600 and is available now.

For more on the SCAR25m and other products from Handl Defense, please visit HandlDefense.com.

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