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Handloading, the art of reloading ammo, is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. Those who decide to craft their own rounds enjoy better accuracy, reduced-cost, and the uninterrupted supply of their favorite rounds.

How to Start Handloading Your Own Ammo

Join us here in the Reloading Zone! Frank Melloni, of Renaissance Firearms Instruction and the Hodgdon Reloading Roadshow, takes us through the basic steps of reloading to get us up and running. From equipment selection to reading a manual, Frank thoroughly explains the entire process. He also demonstrates how to make rounds that will be the best you have ever shot through your firearm.


In this series we set up our Frankford Arsenal reloading bench with RCBS equipment and create some high-quality ammunition through the use of Starline brassHodgdon powder, and Barnes Bullets.

This four-part series is broken down in a way that easily guides the new reloader. Frank takes you from the gun store to the workshop, through the process, and back to the range.

Want even more reloading goodness? Of course you do! Be sure to pick up our “2020 Complete Book of Reloading,” available now at

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