Harris Bipods, a company which specializes in manufacturing bipods and adapters, has introduced their new RotaPod, a rotating bipod adapter, now available in two different variants. Scroll down to watch a video for installation instructions.

The first variant works with standard stock Sniper/Hunting bolt action rifles with a sling swivel stud. To use this product, simply attach the sling swivel stud to the adapter. This will allow the end user to rotate the rifle left or right in order to follow the target without moving the bipod itself. It is the only Bipod adapter that allows all Harris Bipods to rotate right and left. All parts are machined from solid stock and come with a Mil-Spec hard coat anodized finish. It is made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel. Suggested retail price for this product is $76.95.

The other version of the RotaPod from Harris Bipods works with Picatinny rails. It mounts to all Picatinny rails with a quick detachable button. To attach, the user slides on the rail and release button. To detach, push the button and slide the bipod off the rail. It is used by special forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Similar to the sling swivel stud variant of the RotaPod, this product is made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, and has a Mil-Spec hard coat anodized finish. The suggested retail price for this brand new item is $87.95.

Harris Bipods sells a host of adjustable bipods, adapters and numerous other accessories. For more information about the company and their full range of products, please visit

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