HB Industries has announced the release of their new AR-15 Gas Block Alignment Tool, brand new for 2014. Scroll down to watch a video for a demonstration of this product.

The new AR-15 Gas Block Aligner Tool is designed to ensure optimum alignment between the end-user’s AR15 barrel port and gas block. These precision modeled pins will fit any 3/4″ inner diameter gas block and barrel combination, regardless of manufacturer. The 22 cal pin fits .223/5.56×45 and other 22 caliber rounds, while the 30 cal fits .308, 300BLK, and any other 30 caliber round. This tool is designed to be used with low profile, adjustable, railed, or flip-up sight blocks. Each of these is available for $9.50 on HB Industries’ website. In addition to the aligner tool, HB Industries is also in the process of developing a CZ 82 Enhanced Firing Pin.

HB Industries is an Arizona-based company which excels in “taking products from concept to production,” according to their website. It is the result of two companies merging, one which specializes mechanical engineering, and one which specializes in short run manufacturing and custom metal fabrication. The company was formed in 2013.

Features: HB Industries AR-15 Gas Block Aligner, 22 cal/30 cal

-Fits .223/5.56×45, as well as any other 22 caliber round. (Fits .308, 300BLK, and any other 30 caliber round)
-Use with Low Profile, Adjustable, Railed, or Flip-up Sight Blocks.
-6 pin diameters for precise alignment.
-Can mark and dimple barrel, perfectly every time.
-Designed and Manufactured completely in USA

For more information about HB Industries and their products, visit

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