Hera Arms IRS-Keymod Handguard

Since 2006, Hera Arms and its massive selective of products has been a go-to for law enforcement and military personnel, along with members of the sport-shooting community.

Hera Arms’ IRS-Keymod handguard is a good look at why the company has become so successful.

The Hera Arms IRS-Keymod is a modern designed handguard made from high-quality aluminum and is build to handle the hardest use and abuse of tactical and competitive shooting.

Hera Arms’ IRS-Keymod Handguard was designed for the AR-15 and M4.

CNC milled from aluminum alloy and hard coated anodized, the IRS-Keymod features a lot of added strength.

​The handguard is available in lengths of 12 inches and 15 inches. The 12-inch version retails for $172.90, while the 15-inch model retails for $183.35.

The IRS comes with his own barrel nut where the handguard is clamp mounted with three screws for additional strength. The anti-turn millings prevent turning even at the hardest use.

For more information on the IRS-Keymod Handguard and other products from Hera Arms, please visit Hera-arms.com.

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