The Hidesight is a newly-released add-on device for red dot and holographic weapon sights which mounts behind the main sight and enables the user to see through sight while remaining hidden behind obstacles. It projects a non-magnifying, non-inverted “true image” view through the non-magnifying optic of the weapon. Additionally, it mounts on a picatinny rail behind the main red dot and allows for three viewing modes: normal, side view and trench. It also has a dual safety mechanism which prevents accidental opening of the frames during weapon handling, rifle falling or bag storage.

Specifications: HIDESIGHT
Magnification: 1x (no magnification)
Eye Relief: Unlimited
Housing Material: High strength polymer, aluminum and stainless steel
Surface Finish: Black polymer, anodized black aluminum
Height: 56mm
Width: 55mm
Length: 85mm
Weight: 105g (depends on attachment mount)
Temperature Range: -50 to +65 degrees celsius

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