Burris Laser Systems
Burris Laser Systems

Whether for civilian or law enforcement use, Burris Optics wanted its Burris Laser System line to live up to military specifications for everyone.

The Burris Laser System line is produced to stringent mil-spec requirements using the very highest-grade laser diode and LED technology.

The main bodies and switches are made to withstand years of brutal abuse, and maximum range and energy efficiency are balanced and optimized with a state-of-the-art focusing lens systems.

Four different laser systems make up the Burris line.

The AR-DBAL is a dual-beam aiming laser with a Class I infrared laser pointer and a Class IIIa red or green visible laser.

Available in Inline or Offset versions, the AR-FFL is a FastFire unit with an integrated, mil-spec infrared or visible red aiming laser.

The AR-LASER provides an infrared or visible red aiming laser in an extremely durable package, and is also available in Inline or Offset versions.

The AR-SPIR is a Class I infrared LED illuminator designed for use with night-vision equipment.

For more information on the Burris Laser System line and other products from Burris, please visit BurrisOptics.com or call 970-356-1670.

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