I have always been a fan of the AKS-74U series of weapons, but I’ve been unable to acquire one due to the short-barreled rifle (SBR) restrictions in my home state.

I recently picked up an Arsenal SLR104-53, which is a 5.45x39mm Bulgarian-based variant of the Russian AKS-74U. It is configured with a steel side-folding stock, wooden handguards and a full 16-inch barrel. The result is a civilian-legal variant of the AKS-74U that I can own here where I live. However, I wanted to do something about the long, skinny barrel.

While researching a solution, I happened upon the High Powered Armory Fake “Krink” Suppressor. Inspired by the Soviet PBS-4 suppressor developed for the AKS-74U 5.45x39mm series of Kalashnikov weapons, the Krink is ideal for those who want the look of an SBR-style Kalashnikov while maintaining an overall barrel length of 16 inches for legality.

The Krink fake suppressor, which is manufactured from aluminum for light weight and then anodized black, is offered in two versions: a pin-on model for a short barrel and a slipover version for concealing a full-length 16-inch barrel. I put in an order for the latter for fitting out on the SLR104-53.

The unit measures roughly 11 inches in overall length and is relieved to fit over the thin barrel of the carbine. It threads directly onto the threaded extension of the SLR104-53’s front sight block.

The result is a carbine that has a more balanced look, replicating the look of the Soviet suppressed AKS-74UB variant of the AKS-74U series.

For those looking to acquire an AKS-74U-style weapon that does not require SBR paperwork, then take a look at the Arsenal SLR104-53/High Powered Armory Fake Suppressor combination. It might be just the ticket for you.

For more information on the Krink suppressor, please visit or

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