HIPERFIRE EDT2 Enhanced Duty Trigger

High Performance Firearms (HIPERFIRE), based out of Minnesota, is a trigger-making machine.

The company recently announced the availability of its all new EDT2 (Enhanced Duty Trigger2) AR fire-control.

The AR fire-control group is designed for law enforcement, OEM rifle builders, NRA service rifle competitors, and home defenders as a lower cost high-performance trigger upgrade.

HIPERFIRE’s EDT2 single-stage trigger is an extension of the Enhanced Duty Trigger (EDT) introduced at the end of 2014. It sports two user-adjustable trigger weights of 4.5 and 5.5 pounds by simply interchanging two hammer springs.

Thanks to the EDT2’s novel mechanical advantaged design these springs can be, and are, heavier and more powerful than the alternative MIL- grade hammer spring.

Noticeable is the EDT2’s more massive hammer head compared to the EDT designed to carry more collision power into the firing pin to reliably ignite 308/762 NATO cartridges while exhibiting faster lock time than stock alternatives.

The EDT2 has an MSRP of $94 and is available now.

For information on the EDT2 and other products from HIPERFIRE, please visit Hiperfire.com.

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