Hogue has rolled out the Freedom Fighter, a new modification kit for people living in states—like California, New York and Connecticut—that require fixed magazines.

“Many shooters are now required to convert their AR to a fixed magazine,” Hogue owner Patrick Hogue said in a statement. “When installed properly, the Freedom Fighter blocks the magazine release until the rear pin is removed and the upper receiver is lifted upward and away from the lower receiver.”

According to the press release, the Hogue Freedom Fighter kit comes with a drill jig, drill bits, bushings, springs, pins and the set screws you need for three rifle modifications. When the jig is inserted into the mag well, a hole is drilled into the lower receiver, creating a tunnel for the Freedom Fighter plunger and pin. The pin is retained with a set screw. When the rifle is reassembled with the Freedom Fighter installed, the pin prevents the mag catch from operating unless the upper receiver is swung open, thereby putting the rifle in a disassembled state.

Hogue recommends that you go to a qualified gunsmith to make this modification, but as the installation video above points out, you can also tackle this yourself if you’re “mechanically inclined.”

Using the Hogue Freedom Fighter allows your rifle to still look “completely original after conversion,” the company says. Once installed, you can easily return the rifle to detachable magazine capability. The MSRP for the Hogue Freedom Fighter is $49.95. A refill kit for three more installations can also be purchased for $29.95.

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