Hogue Magrip Kits 1911 Government Model Pistols

Looking for new grip panels? Owners of 1911 Government Model autoloader pistols are in for a treat thanks to Hogue, Inc.

The company recently unveiled its Magrip Kits for the 1911. Each kit includes two extended grip panels and a matching mainspring housing.

The Hogue Magrip Kit integrates a magwell into the shooter’s 1911 grips, making for quicker, easier magazine changes – a must have in competition.

Aluminum Magrip Kits are available in matte black with a checkered texture and your choice of either a at or arched mainspring housing at an MSRP of $119.95.

G10 Magrip Kits for 1911 Models include options for smooth, checkered, “Piranha Grip” and “Chain Link” textures in Solid Black, G-Mascus Green or G-Mascus Black/Gray. Choose between at or arched mainspring housings according to preference.

G10 Magrip Kits are priced at $99.95 MSRP for the smooth texture while checkered, Piranha Grip and Chain Link designs retail for $119.95.

For more information on the Magrip Kits and other products from Hogue, please visit HogueInc.com.

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