Hogue Overmolded Collapsible Buttstocks are the latest addition to Hogue’s expanded AR line. The collapsible buttstock is constructed with a hybrid reinforced polymer and OverMolded rubber design, and is the smoothest, most comfortable AR-15 rifle platform accessory available. Hogue’s engineering team designed the buttstock to please the most demanding shooter.

Using Hogue’s patented OverMolded technology, they have created a cheek rest that is comfortable to the touch yet functions with an anti-rattle design preventing movement along the buffer tube, eliminating the irritating vibration and rattle found in other designs. Along with the cheek rest, the butt pad also utilizes the unique hybrid build. The rubber buttpad cushions the shoulder from the rigors of recoil during firing while the polymer cap provides a snag free shouldering when the rifle is brought to firing position. The polymer frame also includes multiple swivel sleeve and sling mounting positions for a varied choice of carry options.

Two size variations are offered, MilSpec and commercial, to fit most AR-15 platform rifles. Their MilSpec version is either available with a MilSpec buffer tube and hardware or sold as a buttstock only. The commercial option is available in three configurations: buttstock alone, buttstock with a matching colored rubber OverMolded beavertail grip or their popular kit which includes a buttstock, beavertail grip and a rifle-length OverMolded aluminum free float forend with mounting accessories.

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The buttstock currently utilizes all of the familiar Hogue rubber colors: black, desert tan, OD green, pink, Ghillie green, Ghillie tan and red lava. Other choices are currently on the drawing board and will be announced shortly.

Made in the USA, the buttstock MSRP begins at $59.95 for black and $69.95 for colors.

Hogue supports local dealers and encourages customers to purchase their buttstocks locally. For more information please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or visit

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