Hogue Duty Belts February 2016
The Hogue Duty Belt

Hogue Inc.’s product line really knows no boundaries, as the company dabbles in almost every aspect of firearms, including duty and non-duty belts.

Law enforcement officers have a new best friend with Hogue’s new line of Duty Belts, and even its Off-Duty model.

Hogue’s new Duty Belt has attractive four-row stitching and a one-piece, polymer belt buckle that locks securely in place with Hogue’s exclusive SlideLOCK design, making it nearly impossible to be removed by a third party.

The Duty Belt has been designed to withstand the rigors of your shooting experience while the company’s attractive Off-Duty Belt, with its two-row stitching, is a perfect fit for your downtime.

Both the Duty and Off-Duty Belts range in waist size from 30 inches all the way up to 50 inches, increasing in 2-inch increments.

The 1.75-inch Off-Duty Belt has an MSRP of $49.95, while the 2- and 2.25-inch Duty Belts both retail for $79.95.

For more information on the new line of belts and other products from Hogue Inc., please visit hogueinc.com or call 800-438-4747.

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