Target shooters, varmint hunters and competition shooters will all be very pleased with one of Hogue Inc.’s newest releases: the one-piece, OverMolded “Tactical Thumbhole” style rifle stock.

Featuring a futuristic thumbhole/pistol grip design, an integrated cheek weld, a unique bench stop and a soft rubber butt pad, Hogue’s new thumbhole rifle stock is optimized for quick and comfortable target acquisition with your preferred optic.

From butt pad to forend the emphasis on ergonomics and function is obvious: the forend is wider and more curvaceous than the company’s “Sporter” style rifle stock for more stability when used without a bipod; the pistol grip enables a natural, secure, comfortable grip angle; the cheek weld enhances fast target acquisition through a rifle scope and the bench rest hook opens up different shouldering options depending on the shooting situation.

Designed primarily for heavy-barreled (.920 inch diameter) 10/22 rifles, the new stock will also accommodate standard contour barrels.

Tactical Thumbhole rifle stocks are available in Black (MSRP $109.95) OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Ghillie Green, Ghillie Earth or Purple (MSRP $129.95 for colors).

Like all of Hogue’s rifle stocks, the new Tactical Thumbhole model is constructed using the company’s popular OverMolded Rubber – a durable, comfortable, recoil-taming material that’s impervious to dirt, grime and moisture.

Hogue’s Tactical Thumbhole 10/22 stocks are also available for two-piece takedown style 10/22 carbines for both standard and .920 inch diameter barrels.

For more information on the Tactical Thumbhole rifle stocks and other products from Hogue Inc., please visit

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