If you are in law enforcement, there is no doubt you or your department spent a great deal of time evaluating the handgun you carry. It was one of the most important decisions you’ve ever made; one you bet your life on. The choice of a holster may be no less important. Here, a list of current all-stars has been assembled. These are well-proven designs from reputable makers, and each is among the best of its type. By no means is this a comprehensive collection, but it displays the pinnacle of each of several styles currently available.


galcoconcealabledetail1.gifGalco Concealable
Concealability: Holster is molded on only one side to lay flat against hip.
Quality: Good. Solid value.
Security: Close molding retains gun without a thumbsnap.
Comfort: Outstanding. Unmolded surface conforms to hip.
Ease of Use: Thread it on and off your belt. Wipe it clean occasionally.
Speed: Features popular FBI cant that starts draw moving forward.
Durability: Good leather that will last if maintained.
Price: $96.95,

kramerverticalscabbard1.gifKramer Vertical Scabbard
Concealability: Fairly flat.
Quality: Precisely fitted to gun in a choice of cowhide or horsehide.
Security: Gun stays put.
Comfort: Not a strong suit in horsehide, which is very stiff.
Ease of Use: Thread it on, slide it off.
Speed: A fast, simple vertical draw. Canted scabbards available.
Durability: High quality leather that should last.
Price: $115-125,

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