Alien Gear Holsters is constantly looking to reinvent the way holsters can be used in today’s tactical works, which is how the company developed the Cloak Dock, a tool used to secure a Cloak Mod OWB Holster to a flat surface.

The Cloak Dock is simply installed with four 5/8 inch screws to any flat surface made of plastic, wood, drywall or sheet metal.

Constructed with robust and dependable plastic, the Cloak Dock can be mounted to novel locations like work desks, vehicles and shop cabinets to revamp any flat surface into a holster for the handgun carrier.

Attach a Cloak Mod OWB holster to the Cloak Dock by sliding the paddle attachment onto the center bar of the easy-to-use docking mechanism, allowing the firearm to be drawn directly from the newly created holster system with either the shell-side or paddle side out. The mounting system additionally accommodates a forward and reverse cant.

The durable Cloak Mod accessory, available for $14.88, is protected by the Alien Gear Holsters’ Forever Warranty and 30-day test drive.

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