BlackHawk EPOCH Holster lead
"The EPOCH holster’s design places the auto-lock release in such a way that officers can secure a full, firm and proper grip when drawing with proper thumb and trigger finger alignment."

It doesn’t matter if you are a hunter, a police officer or a service member, you depend on your gear and equipment and expect it to serve you no matter what.

This is especially true when your life is on the line, something the folks at BlackHawk understand all too well. Indeed, the company was started by a former Navy SEAL who found himself in deep trouble when his pack failed, spilling its contents all over a mine field he was navigating. Vowing to never allow that to happen again, he made sure that a commitment to the highest quality is at the core of everything BlackHawk makes, and the company’s duty holsters are no exception.

The EPOCH Level 3 Light Bearing Tactical Holster from BlackHawk combines the maximum level of weapon retention with the ability to carry a gun-mounted tactical light. The advantages of having a weapon-mounted light have made these units increasingly popular with many departments, but having to attach and detach the light every time defeats the benefit, so a proper light holster is necessary. The EPOCH holster will accommodate most popular weapon lights.


The holster will fit on any standard duty belt and includes a drop-leg rig for tactical operators. The retention feature ensures officer safety by keeping the gun secured until the officer intentionally draws it. This thumb-activated system includes an automatic primary engagement with the pistol’s ejection port and a secondary and specially designed Pivot Guard hood that cannot close on an empty holster. This feature ensures that the holster is always ready when an officer needs to reholster their weapon. Primary engagement is automatic, but the EPOCH’s hood must be manually closed after the weapon is reholstered.

The f holster’s design places the auto-lock release in such a way that officers can secure a full, firm and proper grip when drawing with proper thumb and trigger finger alignment. This is aided by the index finger indent along the side of the holster. The thumb-activation system releases both retention systems with a single push for a clean and fast draw.

The drop-leg rig features a comfortable thigh platform and a Y-harness system to evenly distribute the pistol’s weight and maintain the holster’s proper orientation. The quick-release swivel buckles also improve comfort during movement and allow for very fast and easy mounting or dismounting of the unit.

The leg wraps feature a rubberized surface that keep the holster firmly on the leg and prevent it from moving around. Finally, the BlackHawk EPOCH drop-leg rig has several accessory mounting points for spare magazines or knife pouches.

Built Tough

It should be noted that the retention systems on duty holsters like the EPOCH are subjected to strenuous testing, and even using just one of the two retention systems must be able to survive hundreds of pounds of force. Indeed, I know of at least one officer who was lifted off the ground and thrown by a suspect grabbing onto his gun and trying to disarm him, but the primary retention system on the holster held.

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