With updated tech and the ability to accommodate micro-red dot sights, the Comp-Tac CTAC IWB is ready for EDC.

Comp-Tac just announced an update to one of its most popular holster lines. The Comp-Tac CTAC V2 inside-the-waistband holster retains its thin design and resistance to sweat in hot, humid climates. But now it comes with new features and updated technology over the 1999 design.

Comp-Tac CTAC V2 IWB Holster

The CTAC V2 brings new features to its popular design. It now incorporates a narrower overall profile, according to Comp-Tac. It utilizes two mounting clips, brought closer to the body of the holster. Additionally, the V2 holster body now accommodates micro-red dot optics. Color options also expand, now offering black, coyote brown, OD green and wolf gray.

“When we first started making holsters, it was a thrill to see our products loved and used by so many,” said Gordon Carrell Comp-Tac general manager. “After 22 years of learned experience, bringing on new technology and staying current with the changes in firearm design, we knew we needed to show our original holster some love. The CTAC V2 is a fresh take on a popular holster that doesn’t lose any of the draw of the original.”

The CTAC V2 maintains an all-Kydex body for durability and comfort. The smaller design provides a holster measuring only 1/8-inch bigger than the pistol itself. Meanwhile, leather tabs deliver flexibility, enabling positioning almost anywhere on the belt. The holster remains shirt tuckable for better concealment as well. The CTAC V2 adjusts ride height and cant, ensuring you set up for the proper grip.

The CTAC V2 retails for $65. For even more info, please visit comp-tac.com.

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