Comp-Tac released new holster fits for the STI Staccato.

Comp-Tac just announced the release of a holster fit for the STI Staccato in the International Holster and the Blue Duty Holster Series. Comp-Tac previously worked directly with STI International to develop the STI-branded holster available from STI.

Comp-Tac Holster Fits for STI Staccato

The Blue Duty Holster Series provides Comp-Tac’s answer to LE customers. It allows officers to carry a weapon with a rail-mounted light and a red dot optic. The thumb release bale works with most red dot optics on the market. It allows officers to carry the most up-to-date equipment on the market. The new model fits the STI Staccato with a SureFire X300.

The International Holster serves as an outside-the-waistband (OWB holster. It includes a modular mounting design that can be worn as a belt mount, paddle mount or with a drop offset piece. The International Holster excels in competition shooting, having been chosen as the top holster in International Defensive Pistol Association’s (IDPA) Championship Equipment Survey eight years in a row. It comes optics ready and in left- and right-hand variants, in a variety of colors.

STI offers a full line of Staccato pistols, in full-size and compact configurations.

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