Featuring a black, basket weave Kydex design, the Comp-Tac Warrior with Light Holster and Twin Warrior Mag Pouch make a tough, duty-worthy OWB combo.

Comp-Tac recently announced the release of its newest holster variant, the basket weave Warrior with Light Holster and the Twin Warrior Mag Pouch. The black, basket weave Kydex will never rub off or diminish.

Comp-Tac Warrior with Light Holster, Twin Warrior Mag Pouch

“The basket-weave-finished Kydex has been growing in popularity as more customers learn of its existence,” said Bill Babboni, High Speed Gear vice president of sales and operations. “Traditionally a basket weave patterns were only available in leather. Now both police departments and individuals can get the look of basket wave with the improved fit and durability of the Kydex material…it is the best of both worlds.”

The Warrior with Light wears as an outside-the-waistband holster. It accommodates a handgun with a weapon light attached. The holster works for range use, concealed carry or general carry. The Warrior with Light’s all-Kydex body includes a retention screw to allow the user to fit the holster as tightly or loosely to the gun as they choose. The Warrior with Light attaches to the belt with two adjustable High Speed Gear belt loops.

The Twin Warrior Mag Pouch also carries OWB. It holds two additional magazines. With a similar “pancake” design to the Warrior Holster and Warrior with Light Holster, the pouch retains a thin design. It excels for concealed carry or undercover wear, according to Comp-Tac.

The holster retails for $85, while the mag pouch retails for $55. For more information, visit comp-tac.com.

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