Galco Combat Master Springfield Hellcat Pro

I can say that I don’t have any personal experience with the Springfield Hellcat Pro. Well, except for having shot one as a pickup gun in a match once. However, I know it’s a popular choice, and now my absolute favorite leather holster, the Galco Combat Master is available for the Hellcat Pro.

Any Time the Galco Combat Master has a New Fit is a Good Time

I fully respect that leather holsters aren’t “cool” right now. We live in a kydex appendix carry world. That’s usually how I carry, in fact. However, even with that in mind, I own multiple Galco Combat Master holsters. Why? Because it’s one of the best off the rack leather OWB holsters ever made. The Galco design draws on classic leather pancake holster designs, but it’s made by a company that has the ability to mass produce a quality leather product. I personally carried a Combat Master for 6 months (against regulations) on a Middle East deployment. Mostly because it was far more comfortable to spend 10 hours in an unarmored Toyota Hills with the Galco on than my issued holster.

Springfield Hellcat Pro and Galco Make Perfect Sense

The Hellcat Pro is of course, Springfield’s entry into the incredibly crowded “hi-cap but tiny” 9mm market. Other guns in this class include the Sig P365, Glock 48, and M&P Shield Plus. The Hellcat Pro has the advantage of having the best factory grip texture of any of the guns on the market. It also has pretty decent sights, and is available from the factory in a mini-Roland Special configuration. If you don’t know, the Roland Special is an insider term for a semi-auto pistol featuring a compensator and red dot sight. Oh, and the Hellcat is included in the list of pistols that Springfield offers first responder discounts to.

One note: the Combat Master won’t fit pistols equipped with a red dot sight. So if your reason for buying the Hellcat Pro is the RDS, you’ll need to look elsewhere for a holster. But, if you’re looking for a comfortable and durable leather holster for your Springfield Hellcat Pro, check out the Galco Combat Master. It retails for just over $100 direct from Galco.

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