The Hogue ARS Stage 1 Sport Holster comes ready for competition.

Hogue recently announced its newest competition holster, the ARS Stage 1 Sport Holster. Designed by a competitive shooter, the Sport Holster brings a competitive edge.

Hogue ARS Stage 1 Sport Holster

“This holster is 100 percent geared toward providing an edge in competition,” said lead designer and competitor Eric Leach. “We have taken successful aspects from our carry line and evolved those features to increase competition speed and effectiveness. The end product is one of the most secure and operative holsters on the market today.”

The Sport ARS (Automatic Retention System) features modification to accommodate two different locking modes. The closed mode utilizes the standard ARS thumb release method for added security. The open mode eliminates the thumb release activation and allows the holster to engage with the firearm through a friction hold. The firearm remains secure with a precision holster fitment. Meanwhile, the reduced activation step facilitates a faster draw.

All Sport Holsters include three separate versatile attachments catering to specific uses. The holsters come installed with an offset drop belt plate attachment. The attachment locates the firearm lower down the waist and away from the body. It increases speed and allows more grasping room around the firearm.

It comes with a QLS adapter as well. Built specifically for 3-Gun, it allows shooters to alternate their load out per course of fire. Finally, a carry holster belt plate works for matches that don’t permit an offset belt plate attachment.

The holster retails for $79.95. For more information, visit

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