A multi-fit flex pocket enables the N8 Tactical OT2 Combat to carry multiple platforms.

N8 Tactical just released a new holster designed to provide all-day wear for mid- to full-size pistols, the OT2 Combat. The OT2 Combat Cut Holster carries inside-the-waistband, blending the company’s Original Holster and Tuckable Holster designs.

N8 Tactical OT2 Combat Holster

The OT2 Combat enables a full grasp on the pistol grip during the draw. Built on a leather form, the holster comes with a soft suede backing and moisture-proof neoprene core. The backing provides comfort on bare skin or when worn over thin shirts. Meanwhile, the neoprene core prevents moisture buildup. An updated clip design and location allows tucking shirts for more formal wear.

The OT2 Combat accommodates mid- and full-size pistols. It also works with lights and laser. And like all N8 Tactical holsters, it comes with a Two-Week, Try it Free guarantee and lifetime warranty.

If you’re like most shooters and concealed carriers, you work with multiple types of firearms, depending on a myriad of factors. Work, travel, weather, clothing and more all impact the gun we carry. A versatile platform like the OT2 Combat, that carries multiple pistols, is worth a look.

N8 Tactical OT2 Combat Features

  • Multi-Fit Elastic Pocket
  • IWB Design
  • Tuckable Lockdown Clip
  • Accommodates Multiple Pistol Platforms
  • Available in two Sizes
  • 3-Layer Combat Cut Backer
  • Lockdown Clip and Adjustable Cant

The OT2 Combat retails for $33.95. For more information, visit N8Tactical.com.

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