A new video showcasing Safariland holster retention tests highlights just how tough the company’s gear can be. Built for personal, law enforcement and duty use, the gear needs to stand up to anything you can throw at it. Well, Safariland seemingly shows that and more, an extreme video putting its gear to extreme tests.

Extreme Safariland Holster Retention Tests

“At The Safariland Group, we live for innovation, performance, excellence and legacy every day” said Tim Drnec, VP of Marketing and Commercial Sales for The Safariland Group. “Our team wanted to go out and show our products in an all-new way, and they certainly achieved that-and then some. These scenarios demonstrate the ultra-reliability of our holsters’ function, design, build and of course, retention.”

Secure Against High Force, Jolts and Torque

Above all, a holster system need to show its strength. So to show just brawny Safariland holsters are, the test hit the gym. The Level IV retention withstood sheer brute force. Then the holsters headed to a high-speed day on the water. Finally, the test wrapped up at all-new heights. A tester demos the system, putting incredible faith in the holster as he dangles from a helicopter!

Clearly, the company takes great pride in its work. We already know that high-level law enforcement officers and competitive shooters alike choose Safariland. So whatever the stakes, be it preservation of life or the rigors of competition, professionals choose Safariland gear. And when you see a video like this, it becomes extremely easy to see why. For even more info, please visit

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