The new Safariland Model 015 Open Top Competition Holster is built to compete.

Practical pistol competition, especially at the highest levels, comes down to fractions of a second. In this game, speed reigns supreme. The new Safariland Model 015 Open Top Competition Holster keeps speed at a premium, designed for competition shooters.

Safariland Open Top Competition Holster

The Open Top Competition Holster accommodates most steel and polymer frame pistols. It provides a minimalistic design for custom fit and easy modifications. The holster works for Open, Limited and 3-Gun divisions.

“This is a very well-made competition holster,” said Bobby McGee, Vice President of Engineering for The Safariland Group duty gear division and Team Safariland member. “Machined from billet, a raw block of virgin aluminum, the 015 has superior stabilization and little resistance for a secure fast draw. Paired with a stainless-steel ball joint on the holster, it allows for lots of clamping force securing fine-tuned positioning throughout the life of the holster, unlike aluminum ball joints that can cause positioning to skip with adjustments.”

The Model 015 incorporates an instinctive rotating lock for secure retention. It discards the use of a nose piece. Meanwhile, the advanced design reduces unintended release during the draw, according to Safariland. Shooters rotate the lever towards the rear of the firearm, unlocking the trigger block. The design provides a fast, efficient draw with a natural grip.

Built to Compete

The holster will no doubt find a quick home among Open and Limited division USPSA competitors. It will also work in most 3-gun divisions as well. The holster utilizes a ball join system for freedom of movement. Meanwhile, the Model 015 delivers stability during vigorous movement. A supplemental muzzle adaptor provides additional support and protection, fully adjustable for barrels measuring 4- to 7.5 inches.

The 015 features a special safety detent for retention. A removable screw and stainless steel spring provide worry-free disassembly. The holster and belt loop also separate for easy transport.

The Open Top Competition Holster comes in black, red or blue. It works with most 2011 steel and polymer frame pistols. The holster retails for $223, while the Muzzle Adaptor costs $100. For even more info, please visit

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