The QUIETPRO Intelligent Hearing Protection and Communication System by Honeywell transforms critical communications for tactical applications. Adapted from combat-proven technology, QUIETPRO is an intelligent hearing protection and communication system which provides smart personal hearing protection, digitally-enhanced speech communication, and clear radio communication for a number of different tactical operations.

Law enforcement operations depend upon well-trained tactical officers with maximum situational awareness and assistive technology. A tactical officer with impaired hearing or compromised communication, either permanent or temporary, is at a disadvantage in an operational setting.

Honeywell Safety Products is supports law enforcement officers who place their lives on the line to maintain the safety and security of our communities. With QUIETPRO, commanders can feel confident that their tactical officers maintain full hearing readiness before, during and after deployment.

Features: Honeywell QUIETPRO Intelligent Hearing Protection and Communication System

-Clear two-way communications and speech intelligibility in extreme noise;
-“Bionic hearing” technology to deliver fast adaptive hearing protection for superior situational awareness and understanding in rapidly changing noise environments;
-Amplification of ambient sound up to 5x, increasing officers’ awareness of critical warning signals;
-Automatic fit-check of earpiece upon insertion to ensure optimal protection
-In-ear speaker and microphone placement allowing easy fit and comfortable long-term wear time.

Specifications: Honeywell QUIETPRO QP400 Intelligent Hearing Protection and Communication System

-Automatic Fit Check: Yes
-In-Ear Dosimetry: No
-Intrinsically Safe: No
-Digital Active Noise Reduction (dANR): Yes
-Adaptive Active Noise Reduction (ANR): Yes
-Voice Menu Interface: Yes / Multiple Languages
-Automatic Radio Configuration: Yes
-# Communication Radio Interface: 1 – 4
-Audio Routing: Yes
-VOX Mode: Yes
-Mic Modes: Open, Live
-Push-to-Talk: Wired, Wireless
-Battery: External Charging
-LED Display: No
-Ingress Protection (IP) Rating: IP67

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