When it comes down to it, a quality firearm requires quality ammunition. For  where the functioning of your equipment can mean the difference between life and death, reliable and capable ammunition is a must. A consistent supplier of quality ammunition is Hornady, located in Grand Island, Nebraska. While some makers rely on simply loading to a higher pressure or manufacturing products that are indistinguishable from most others, Hornady spends a great deal of time, money and effort developing new bullets and loads that are top-tier performers. With a staff of dedicated ballisticians and research technicians, it’s an ongoing effort that pays off.

For example, there is Hornady’s Critical Duty line of handgun ammunition. It’s extremely difficult to build a bullet that will reliably expand after penetrating common barriers like automobile sheet metal, glass, wood and other materials that police might have to shoot through in order to stop a threat. Hornady created the FlexLock bullet with a polymer insert within the hollow-point cavity that is amazingly effective in promoting expansion even after the bullet has gone through some very tough barriers.

In addition to the Critical Duty line, Hornady lists a large selection of loads in many different calibers. Each line is designed for a specific type of application. For those who need affordable ammunition for practice or competition, Steel Match cartridges are priced more economically than brass-cased ammo yet are extremely accurate. Critical Defense ammunition, built for concealed carry handguns, uses FTX bullets that promote more reliable expansion, while TAP FPD ammo is meant for self-defense or tactical applications. For innovative, quality ammunition, Hornady is hard to beat.

For more information, visit or call 800-338-3220.

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