High Speed Gear (HSGI) has introduced their new Costa Leg Rig. This leg rig is perfect for use at the range, in a training class or in the field when running a low profile setup. One of the most unique features of this product is the Double Decker Taco, which combines a modular rifle mag pouch and a modular pistol mag pouch into one unit. This pouch is capable of holding a combination of mags and a number of different accessories. At the base of the pouch is the Taco, while the USGI, HK, PMAG, ARC, FAL, AK 30/ 40, LR20 and M14 magazines are securely held, ready for quick use. The taco only takes up 3 horizontal inches of the platform.

The Pistol Taco, meanwhile holds nearly all pistol magazines, including 1911, HK 45, M9/Beretta 92, Glock and XD mags. It also holds a number of different tools and flashlights.

The Taco pouches are made using Cordura, as well as an injection molded polymer and shock-cord. The adjustable, positive grip means that it is not necessary to use any other securing systems. In addition, the HSGI Costa Leg Rig has webbing tabs for bungee retainers. Loop Velcro is sewn into the inside of the rifle pouch if the user wants to use adhesive backed hook velcro on the magazine body for extra security.

The HSGI Costa Leg Rig is available in a number of different colors, including Black, ATACS AU, Coyote Brown, Urban Gray, MultiCam, OD, and ATACS FG. This retail price for this item is $139.99. See below for additional details.

Specifications: HSGI Costa Leg Rig

-1/2“ Webbing Straps with 1” Snap Buckles
-Adjustable 1” ITW Buckles (IR reduction Technology)
-1-1/2” Non slip Strap (Leg Mount) Adjustable
-(2) Double Decker’s
-(1) Pistol TACO
-Padded Leg Panel 1000 Denier
-Weight: 16oz
-Dimensions: Leg Panel: 9″L x 6″T x 3″W

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