HSM's .257 Weatherby Magnum Round
HSM's .257 Weatherby Magnum Round

Western Montana’s HSM (Hunting Shack Munitions) has 30 years of ammunition production under its belt. The company is well known for its law enforcement and hunting ammunition, alike.

On the hunting spectrum, HSM recently released its match-accurate .257 Weatherby Magnum round, designed to deliver consistent, high-velocity killing energy at extended ranges.

The .257 Weatherby Magnum round sends a 115-grain Berger VLD bullet through a standard 24-inch hunting rifle barrel (not test barrel) at more than 3,300 feet per second, with greater energy than a 150-grain .30-06 round.

The HSM round is unlike any traditional hunting load as the bullet is designed to penetrate 2-4 inches of soft tissue then fragment in such a manner that it does not exit and therefore dumps massive shock and energy into the animal for quick humane kills.

The HSM cartridge case is manufactured exclusively with high-quality brass that is suitable for several reloads. The primers are temperature-insensitive and maintain consistent ignition in a wide temperature range.

Finally, HSM used a proprietary powder that maintains reliable and consistent burn rates in environmental temperatures ranging from minus 30 through 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Partner these components with Berger’s high-ballistic coefficient bullet and you get lethal long range accuracy and superior game stopping effects at any range.

“We can load another 200 fps velocity into this round,” HSM plant manager Travis Campbell said, “but we also test for accuracy with our big game rounds. Another 100-200 fps is insignificant when talking about 3,300-plus fps velocities, especially when compared to the significant accuracy gains we achieve. A 1,000-horsepower automobile that cannot deliver that power to the road is a waste and the same goes for impressive-looking velocities that can’t deliver tight accuracy and killing effeteness at extended ranges where accuracy and energy is really needed.”

For more information on the and other products from HSM, please visit TheHuntingShack.com.

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