Improvised Electronics Boombox
Improvised Electronics' Boombox Simulates IED Explosive Reports

Training for IEDs and other explosive devices just got easier with one of the newest products from Improvised Electronics.

Tagged as “the first blast simulator for indoor and outdoor use,” the Boombox simulates the explosive report of IEDs, homemade explosives, grenades, small artillery and other explosions.

Improvised Electronics designed the Boombox to offer the ability to train personnel to react to the sound and blast wave of an explosion in a safe and controlled environment.

The new IED training system gives the user a loud explosive report instantly 500 times from one bottle fill.

Features include:

  • Use for classroom/indoor training exercises
  • Adjustable volume report — up to 120+ dB
  • Uses commercially available propane and oxygen
  • Easy to implement with detailed documentation and safety information
  • Easy to deploy; one man lift, one man setup
  • Impedance to assault training; instant feedback from training devices
  • Smart radio technology enables all devices as repeaters in a mesh network
  • Remote arming and firing from a distance up to 2,500 feet
  • Seamless integration with range instrumentation
  • Safe/arm circuit for additional safety
  • External hardwire interface
  • Remote interface
  • Compatible with IE Magic Cap for wireless monitoring of up to 15 wireless detonators

For more information about the Boombox and other products from Improvised Electronics, please visit

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