ar lasers Inforce WMLx White/IR
Inforce WMLx White/IR: The WMLx White/IR from Inforce punches a hole in the darkness with a 700-lumen LED white light, and flipping a lever allows you to switch to infrared mode. The light can also run in constant, momentary and strobe models. The unit weighs less than five 7.62mm NATO cartridges. Powered by two CR123A batteries, the white light runs two hours and the infrared mode offers four hours of power. The WMLx White/IR is also waterproof and can be mounted on Picatinny rails.

With much of the business world static and sheltering through the pandemic, Sellmark has continued to push forward and realize significant business growth. Sellmark is excited to emphasize the company’s growth with the addition of INFORCE, a top-tier lighting solution brand designed to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement, military, security agencies and citizens.

Sellmark is Excited for the INFORCE Opportunity

“We’re excited to add INFORCE to our family of brands. The brand and products are a perfect fit for Sellmark,” stated Sellmark founder and chief executive officer, James Sellers. “We strive to be the number one developer of brands and products for outdoor lifestyles. Given the robust customer base of military, law enforcement and quality-minded customers, the brand fits seamlessly with our mission.”

United States made and trusted globally, INFORCE offers branded and OEM products worldwide to producers, distributors, agencies and consumers. Customers currently employ their light systems internationally. However, Sellmark’s global resources ensure universal recognition, accessibility, and utilization for INFORCE devices.

INFORCE is a Trusted Supplier to Military and Law Enforcement

“Since day one, they has been committed to providing industry-leading rifle and pistol lights and accessories. We are excited to partner with Sellmark and continue our commitment to quality products for our consumers and military and law enforcement partners.”

Matthew Wolfe of INFORCE

Currently, INFORCE produces standalone flashlights and light systems mountable to pistols, rifles and helmets for every outdoor scenario. These also include camping and low-light shooting or hunting to high-stakes, close-quarter operations. INFORCE light systems are available with high-intensity LED lighting from 400 to 1,000 lumens. Additionally, up to 400 Mw infrared illumination is available for night-vision compatibility.

Editor’s Thoughts

This looks like a good opportunity for both Sellmark and INFORCE. I’ve used their products professionally in my military career. I’ll actually have the opportunity shortly to do some work with one of Sellmark’s brands prior to the upcoming NRA Annual Meetings. It’s always a good thing when there’s more competition in the market. Furthermore, Sellmark purchasing the light manufacturer means they’ll be able to leverage existing competencies into new and innovative products.

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